3:  Now make your global
Purchases in more than

44 million stores on line all

over the world

5:  Wait for delivery at your home
In 5 working days


1:  Open your account
directly on site

Coming Soon.  Make your shopping in more than 44 million stores on line all over the world  and receive at your home In 5 working days

4:  Follow the receipt
and the conference
by the site or ONE APP

a pirex technologies company


      Some Benefits of ONE SHOPPING CENTER


    2. US purchasing, logistics and payment address

    3. Shopping for products and services in 44+ million online stores worldwide,

    without international import / export taxes

    4. Load/reload in US Dollar your ONE CARD with 190 currencies

    5. Load/reload credits in the card without spread, IOF, taxes or bank fees on the exchange

    6. Saving Up to 50% off shipping

    7. Saving Up to 70% discount on logistics services

    8. Saving Up to 60% discount on insurance

    9. Saving Up to 70% discount on customs clearance fees

    10. Saving Up to 30 free days of storage

    11. Monitoring and control of your purchases, including an online
    total cost landing calculation system for you know all costs and expenses

  • 12. Call center and Concierge in more than 60 languages

    13. Personal shopper assistant

    14. Automatically CASHBACK expenses on credited dollars directly on your ONE CARD

    15. Door-to-door deliveries in more than 220 countries

    16. Receive the ONE SHOPPING CENTER MAGAZINE monthly with exclusive reports,

    trends and promotions

    17. Receive exclusive promotions directly on your email and smartphone

    18. Total savings up to 40% on your global purchases and services

2:  Load/reload credits
on your ONE CARD